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Shapers Core-Lite AM Thruster Fins - Medium (Black)

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    The AM Medium fin is a collaboration between the specialist fin company, Shapers fins and world-renowned surfboard shaper Al Merric ( Channel Island Surfboards ).

    Designed for fast, high-performance surfing whilst offering a unique blend of drive, speed, and release. The raked design and template effectively delivers drive and release through the wide fin base.

    Whilst the AM fin range offers a refined tip and smaller centre fin giving a reduced drag and allows for release off top turns.

    The Medium AM fin is recommended for surfers above 60-80KG or 130-175 Pounds.

    Compatible with Futures Fin Systems.

    Shapers Core-Lite AM Medium Fin Specs:

    Size: Medium
    Weight: 60-80KG or 130-175 Pounds

    Side Fins

    Base: 114mm (4.88")
    Depth: 114mm (4.88")
    Sweep: 35.5 Degrees
    Side Foil: Flat

    Rear Fins

    Base: 110mm (4.34")
    Depth: 111mm (4.38")
    Sweep: 35 Degrees
    Rear Foil: 50/50

    Drive: 8/10
    Flex: 8/10
    Release: 7/10
    Pivot: 3/10