Shapers Carbon-Flare Thruster Fins - Small (Pink) - Shapers - Thruster Fins
Shapers Carbon-Flare Thruster Fins - Small (Pink) - Shapers - Thruster Fins

Shapers Carbon-Flare Thruster Fins - Small (Pink)

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    The Carv'n range is different from other ranges of fins, not only made from a lightweight carbon fibre, but beautiful colours, and design allows for the ultimate surfing experience.

    The Carv'n features a greater rake through the fins outline, these fins are engineered and purpose-built for power carves and sweeping arc's.

    The ultimate fin for point breaks and open face surfing where flow and speed are desired. Designed with a wider than normal base giving it a solid construction this gives you the rider, greater control, and drive.

    A popular option for professional surfers who demand drive and hold through sweeping turns, however, need a release for radical maneuvers through and above the lip.

    Offering the best drive and arc out of all the shapers range, you won't be disappointed with the Carbon-Flare Carv'n range.


    The S2 Tab Fins are completely compatible with the FCS II Fin Systems ( use of fin screws is advised ).

    Shapers Carbon-Flare Carvn Small Fin Specs:

    Size: Small
    Weight: 45 - 60KG or 100-130 Pounds


    Base: 111mm (4.37")
    Depth: 110mm (4.33")
    Sweep: 33 Degrees
    Foil: Flat


    Base: 111mm (4.37")
    Depth: 110mm (4.33")
    Sweep: 33 Degrees
    Foil: 50/50

    Drive: 8/10
    Flex: 7/10
    Release: 6/10
    Pivot: 9/10