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Shapers 7" Performance Longboard Fin (Blue)

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    Longboard riding isn't just about your board, it's just as important what fin you have, that's why Shapers have released what they're calling the "Performance" range of longboard fins.

    Using Carbon Fibre and Epoxy Resin to give you a light-weight, flexible yet extremely strong fin offering you the perfect option for carving.

    "New School" progressive longboard shaper Steve Del Rosso has designed this amazing 7" Performance longboard fin, designed with less rake in the top allowing for a quick pivotal surfing and minimal drag, also offering drive and speed when springing out of turns. 

    The Shapers 7" Performance fin also allows for nose-riding. 

    Shapers Carbon-Flare technology offers an increased drive and hold over the ProGlass series of fins, This is done by the precision positioning of carbon fibre at the base, whilst utilising the Core-Lite core which creates the Ultra-Lightweight construction and flex pattern well-suited fora longboard.

    Shapers 7" Performance Longboard Fin Specs:

    Base: 127mm (5")
    Depth: 178mm (7")


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