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Shapers 6'0" Legrope / Leash (Blue)

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    Specifically engineered and designed for superior strength, comfort and performance, the Shapers 6ft x 9/32" ( 7mm ) blue legrope comes with flex memory, comfortable strap, and swivel rotation for manoeuvrability.

    Shapers offer only the highest quality surf hardware, and their legropes are no exception, dedicated to premium quality parts and the best manufacturing practices. 

    • Secure, internal key stash.
    • Memory-Tech cord, engineered to absorb force and return to form.
    • Free-flowing, tangle preventing swivels in durable nylon housing.
    • New inside deluxe cuff, designed for ultra-comfort & anti-slip.
    • Highest Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bearings. Break resistant.
    • Premium ‘hook-and-loop’ system. Softer, lighter, stronger.
    • Multi-wrap rail saver for board protection & security.
    • Flexing horn eliminates pressure on leash & ankle.
    • Molded, easily located Rapid Release Tag.

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