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Shapers 6.5" Classic: Wood Longboard Fin

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    The Shapers 6.5" longboard box fin is designed by Doug Bell, a legendary longboard shaper. The 6.5" has more rake than a tradition dolphin fin for sustaining long turns and free-flowing best suited with Side bites as a 2+1 setup but can be used alone

    Built with select grade bamboo allowing great flex, fibreglass, and a coat of clear epoxy resin gives this classic wood fin strength and reliability.

    Let's look back at the history of longboard riding, it's where it all began, catching the perfect wave, no tricks, no specifically engineered board designs, just simple shapes, designed to catch a wave.

    Moving forward over 300 years of surfing and technology advances with some of the worlds best engineers attempting designs of the perfect longboard fins.

    Any experienced rider knows the importance of a great fin, nowadays we have the option to pick and choose fins depending on your riding style, and objective on the wave.

    Designed around the traditional box fin system, means this fin will fit into the most common longboard box with ease.

    Shapers take quality very seriously when you buy a shapers fin, you know it will last, made from premium materials designed to last the test of time.