Sex Wax - Quick Humps Wax (Warm/hard) - Sex Wax - Wax
Sex Wax - Quick Humps Wax (Warm/hard) - Sex Wax - Wax
Sex Wax

Sex Wax - Quick humps wax (Warm/Hard)

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    Sex Wax Quick Humps Warm surf wax is ideal for surf conditions in warmer water locations where the water is between 21 and 29 degrees. 

    Sex Wax has done a fantastic thing, combining their love of surfing, with their love of the environment by putting their Quick Humps wax and packaging it into a recyclable paperboard box. 

    A long lasting box, easy to open and use for your partly used wax, or your leftovers. 

    Known as the "go to" option for professional and experienced surfers around the world due to the perfect balance between its high stickiness and stability. 

    Utilizing the high-performance sex wax hump range or using it as part of the Basecoat/Topcoat combination. 

    You won't be disappointed with this wax combination, plus, made in the U.S.A.