Sex Wax - Dream Cream Topcoat (Bronze/soft) - Sex Wax - Wax
Sex Wax - Dream Cream Topcoat (Bronze/soft) - Sex Wax - Wax
Sex Wax

Sex Wax - Dream Cream Topcoat (Bronze/Soft)

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    The Sex wax dream cream topcoat bronze is designed to go on Quick Humps Orange, Quick Humps Red, and Quick Humps Blue. The bronze topcoat offers a moderately elevated sticky board surface in warmer and tropical water conditions between 13 and 29 degrees.

    Sex Wax is a cream topcoat which is designed as an additional coat over the top of your basecoat wax, doing this makes for a longer lasting, stickier combination.

    Scientifically designed and made in the U.S.A to offer maximum stickiness and stability, Sex Wax basecoat/topcoat combination is ideal for the more frequent surfer who goes out more than 2-3 times a week.

    Basecoat / Topcoat Combination guides: