3Dfins Fast Light 6.25 Single Fin (Dimple Technology) - 3Dfins - Longboard Fin

3DFINS FAST LIGHT 6.25" Single Fin (Dimple Technology)

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    The 6.25" single fast light longboard fin is not only a beautifully designed fin, but it holds 3dfins innovative Dimple Technology. The 6.25" is using a template which has proven itself over the years as one of the most popular templates ever made, now with Dimples.

    3DFINS Dimple Technology is used on both sides, this reduces drag down the line, offers incredible drive off the bottom and no dead spots to allow you to speed to burn off the top.

    Standing 158.75mm ( 6.25 inches ) makes it perfect for your performance board, Cruiser, SUP or Longboard.