Surf Nation Sponsorship

Are you a local surfer, the best in your area? Looking for a sponsor?

We're looking for surfers just like you! 

Send us an email about our sponsorship opportunities and we will certainly be in contact, please try and meet as many of our minimum requirements as you can!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Surf 3-4 times a week
  • Live in Australia
  • Have a social following on more than 2,000 Instagram, facebook or youtube
  • Be at least 14 years old with parents consent, or 18 without.

What we're looking for on applications:

  • A bio on yourself, who you are, and why we should sponsor you
  • Australian Birth Certificate or Passport photo for verification
  • Photos of you surfing, and clear mug shots
  • Well edited / Clear video footage of you surfer (5-minute minimum )
  • Your boards brand, accessories and fin setup
  • Your local suburb
  • Where you surf
  • Any competition results or wins. 

What we expect from our sponsors:

  • Strong belief that you're the best, or going to be the best
  • Permission to use photos, and videos of you for marketing
  • Well spoken, and well presented
  • Enter into local, and national surf comps.
  • Display our logo on your surfboard
  • Wear our gear, and merchandise
  • Add our logo to socials, and/or website
  • Publish one Surf Nation branded or endorsed social post per platform
  • In an interview, or article subjected around you, Surf Nation should be mentioned and/or included.

What you get by being sponsored as a grom ( Under 18 ):

  • Surf Nation branded shirts, boardies, rashies and hats.
  • Vinyl, and regular sticker pack
  • Digital logo pack and branding instructions
  • Free surfboard fins, leg ropes, and tail pads. 
  • A listing on our team riders page with photo, description and best results
  • Local surf contest entry fees covered
  • Full-day Private lesson at the Hurley High-Performance Center in NSW.

What you get as a full sponsor ( over 18 ):

  • Everything our groms get +
  • Personalised meal plan and fitness plan ( optional )
  • National plane tickets covered for selected comps
  • An international flight per year
  • 5 Day fully paid Surf Camp at the stat of the art High-Performance Centre in NSW, with Accom., 3 Meals p/d and one on one footage analysis.
  • Press Release sent out to major surf magazines, and your local News Corp owned newspaper.
  • Your name added to a range of merchandise sold in our store.