Tesla's $1,500 Surfboard? It's beautiful!

Yes, the title is correct. World renowned car manufacturer Tesla has introduced their latest marketing gimmick, a $1,500 surfboard as sleek, and beautiful as their cars. 

The board has been called the "Limited Edition Telsa Surfboard" and it only comes in one colour, black, and red. The minimalist design sees the top of the board in a beautiful matte finish, with the bottom being red with TESLA along the bottom.

Teslas $1 500 Surfboard Its Beautiful!

Designed by the Tesla Design Studio in close collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Mat "Mayhem" Biolos.  

Matt is world-renowned himself, shaping boards for World Surf League Championship athletes. 

It's not just a beautiful looking board either, Made from a high-quality matte and gloss colour pallet, reinforced with light-weight carbon fibre. The board itself is inspired by the interior, and exterior of their high profile performance cars.

Teslas $1 500 Surfboard Its Beautiful!

If you're wanting to get your hands on one of these beauties, lineup. Only 200 were produced, and they sold out in minutes. 

Tesla Surfboard Specs

Featuring tesla's "Black Dart" Carbon Fiber, build using a stringer-less EPS core, bio-based epoxy resin and Tesla's signature red and black colour pallet. 

The board is said to be highly responsive, using a carbon/S-glass hybrid material which runs rail to rail, as well as 4oz cloth layers the bottom of the board for the ultimate strength and dent resistance.

The shortboard was built with volume in mind being 6'8" in length, 20.50" 2.88" with 42.50 cubic liters of volume. 

This is one beautiful board! 

Teslas $1 500 Surfboard Its Beautiful!

Teslas $1 500 Surfboard Its Beautiful!

Teslas $1 500 Surfboard Its Beautiful!

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